Most people are unhappy with the way their concrete garage floor looks. It often has stain marks and discoloration. It’s drab, dull gray and covered with dust. Maybe you have been wondering what you could do to improve the appearance of your garage floor. Look no further! Garage Concepts can help take you from Concept to Completion of your dream garage. Here are a few reasons you should contact Garage Concepts today to transform your garage floor.

Helps in Cleanliness – Bare concrete slowly breaks down into microscopic dust particles every time you walk on it, drive on it, or even sweep it. This dust easily becomes airborne at every movement such as your garage door opening, walking, or pulling a car in or out. This dust then settles on everything in your garage. Coating your floor will help to prevent this type of dust.

Easy to Maintain – Just push a simple dust mop over the floor to clean up. The concrete dust has been eliminated, the accumulation of dust is lessened, and the non-porous surface provides a trouble free pay off.  …more on Cleaning Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Floor Protection – Your concrete will now be resistant to oil stains, chemicals, water, mold, and mildew. Oil can be wiped right up without the fear of it staining the floor. Tougher spills can be easily cleaned up with a sponge and a light cleaning agent. Simply mopping your new floor will be effortless. You should never have that spot riddled garage floor again.
It is Light Reflective – Bare concrete tends to absorb light while a coated surface does a better job of reflecting it. As a result, the reflective light tends to brighten the garage.

Helps in Resale – A beautiful, durable garage floor coating can help seal the deal when you are looking to sell your home. Buyers are typically willing to pay a little more for a finished out garage than a dirty, dreary garage. To really lock in the deal, look at adding some garage storage cabinet and organizational solutions.

It looks so good! There is no question that a Garage Concepts’ garage floor coating completely transforms the look of a garage. You will find that you can utilize this space as an added room to the home. It will be something to be proud of
instead of an added stress to your everyday life.

Your dream garage floor is waiting for you!