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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Garage Floor Coating

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor coating is not difficult at all. The ease of maintenance is, in fact, a basis for having a floor coating. You will want to keep the shine while being able to clean away all dust, spills, and other messes. Some cleaners can leave a film on the surface of your floor while others may cause the luster to fade. Here are some tips on what cleaners to use, which ones to stay away from, and some great techniques for keeping a beautiful garage floor for years to come. *Please note that these tips apply to polyurethane top coats, and polyaspartic or polyurea coatings as well. Epoxy Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Getting a good quality 24” to 36” dust mop will be the place to begin. A dust mop will take care of 90% of your coated garage floor cleaning needs. You will only need to use the dust mop once a week (more if needed) to keep the floor clear of dust and dirt. With just a few minutes you will maintain a gorgeous floor without a lot of effort. This method can be used on floors with a polymer anti-slip additive in the [...]

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Why Should I Coat My Garage Floor?

Most people are unhappy with the way their concrete garage floor looks. It often has stain marks and discoloration. It’s drab, dull gray and covered with dust. Maybe you have been wondering what you could do to improve the appearance of your garage floor. Look no further! Garage Concepts can help take you from Concept to Completion of your dream garage. Here are a few reasons you should contact Garage Concepts today to transform your garage floor. Helps in Cleanliness - Bare concrete slowly breaks down into microscopic dust particles every time you walk on it, drive on it, or even sweep it. This dust easily becomes airborne at every movement such as your garage door opening, walking, or pulling a car in or out. This dust then settles on everything in your garage. Coating your floor will help to prevent this type of dust. Easy to Maintain - Just push a simple dust mop over the floor to clean up. The concrete dust has been eliminated, the accumulation of dust is lessened, and the non-porous surface provides a trouble free pay off.  ...more on Cleaning Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Floor Protection - Your concrete will now be resistant [...]

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Grinding vs Acid Etch for Concrete Garage Floor

When it comes to preparing a concrete garage floor for epoxy coatings or other garage floor coatings, there are two methods to consider; grinding and acid etch. This topic often spurs several questions such as “Which method is better?”, “Why do some companies grind the concrete before coating?” or “Won’t an acid etch work just as well as grinding the concrete floor?” Instead of jumping straight to the answers, let’s look at some of the how’s and why’s of grinding vs acid etching. Just about anyone with a little DIY skill and a decent floor coating product can come in and coat a garage floor and get reasonably nice results. The big question is what will it look like in 3 months, 6 months, or a year? If the floor coating does not mechanically bond to the concrete floor, it WILL fail. The only question is how long before it does fail. There MUST be a good, solid bond between the epoxy coating and the concrete. Anything short of that will result in a failed epoxy floor coating that is flaking up, giving you an uglier floor than before you coated it. To keep from investing good time and money [...]

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Epoxy Floor Coating Process – Flake System

The process of applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor is first about preparation. If the floor is not properly prepared, then all the work you will do after that will most likely fail.The first step in proper preparation of your concrete floor is to remove the top/surface layer of the concrete. The reason for doing this is to ensure the epoxy coating we apply later will have a good surface to adhere to. This is called “profiling the floor”. There are two main ways to accomplish the removal of the top/surface layer of your concrete floor; acid etching and mechanical grinding. To learn the pros and cons of each method, check out our article on Grinding vs Acid Etch for Concrete Garage Floor. Once the proper CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) has been achieved, the next step of the process is addressing any cracks and/or chips in the concrete. A concrete filler or resin is used to fill these cracks so the finished product will be clean and smooth. There are many different types of fillers that can be used. The main things to look for in choosing a filler is its ability to properly bond to the concrete [...]

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Garage Floor Tiles vs Floor Coating

While installing our garage floor coating system in Flower Mound, TX, one of the neighbors came over to see our floor coating process. In the conversation, he asked what his garage would cost if Garage Concepts were to install our garage floor coating with a lifetime warranty and here is what he said, “I just put RaceDeck® (snap together plastic tiles) in my garage. It cost me the same as your garage floor coating and I had to install it myself. I wish I would have found you guys first.” Garage Floor Tiles - Pros One of the garage flooring options is plastic snap-together floor tiles, such as RaceDeck®, Swisstrax® and others. Easy DIY - The number one benefit to using garage floor tile systems is they are easy for the homeowner to DIY. Floor Designs - Another benefit is that you can put a design on the garage floor without much more effort. But what are the downsides to garage floor tile systems? Garage Floor Tiles - Cons There a few more cons to the garage floor tile systems than there are pros. Cost – it can cost the same or even more to use plastic tiles than to [...]

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