While installing our garage floor coating system in Flower Mound, TX, one of the neighbors came over to see our floor coating process. In the conversation, he asked what his garage would cost if Garage Concepts were to install our garage floor coating with a lifetime warranty and here is what he said,

“I just put RaceDeck® (snap together plastic tiles) in my garage. It cost me the same as your garage floor coating and I had to install it myself. I wish I would have found you guys first.”

Garage Floor Tiles – Pros

One of the garage flooring options is plastic snap-together floor tiles, such as RaceDeck®, Swisstrax® and others.

  • Easy DIY – The number one benefit to using garage floor tile systems is they are easy for the homeowner to DIY.
  • Floor Designs – Another benefit is that you can put a design on the garage floor without much more effort.

But what are the downsides to garage floor tile systems?

Garage Floor Tiles – Cons

There a few more cons to the garage floor tile systems than there are pros.

  • Cost – it can cost the same or even more to use plastic tiles than to have a professional garage floor coating installed. If you have the floor tiles professionally installed, then the price will go up dramatically.
  • Durability – Plastic tiles will discolor, stain and even crack or break over time. A quality garage floor coating by Garage Concepts, LLC comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring a beautiful garage floor year after year.
  • Cleanliness – garage floor tiles will allow dirt and debris to get down between the cracks. When direct moisture and/or humidity are added to that, you have the potential of mold and mildew building up under the tiles. This requires the removal, cleaning and re-installation of the tiles. With a Garage Concepts garage floor coating system you can easily clean your floor with minimal effort.
  • Repair Color Match – If you damage your floor tiles, you should be able to remove a tile and replace it with a new one. The problem here is color match. If the existing tiles have been exposed to the elements for a period of time and a new tile is installed, there could be a large difference in color, making the “repaired” area stand out like a sore thumb.

For more information on getting the best garage floor solution for your garage, contact Garage Concepts, LLC today!